NNR Show Disclaimer


"This show was made to be a late-night nationalist Content Review Show.
The show was designed to be unapologetically controversial for a dissident audience.
The show is for adults and is done in a satirical frame.
Many things discussed and the jokes that are made presume that the audience already knows and understands certain issues, that time does not permit to be reexplained each episode.
Every guest is responsible for their own speech choices, and the show takes no responsibility for silencing their controversial speech decisions.
No fed posting is permitted, and promoting violence, or crime is not allowed in chat. Repeated violations will result in removal, so please exercise self-control for your safety and ours.
The show is not intended for a universal audience and will not seek to accommodate all sensibilities. Nothing said should be understood to advocate for any real-life violence or criminal activities.
Nothing said on the show is ever meant to be legal, financial, or medical advice. This show is not officially affiliated with any political organizations or movements.
The contents of the videos have not been fully reviewed in advance, and their contents are often unknown.
If you oppose nationalism or the racial and political interests of white people, then this show is not for you. For those who have found where they are meant to be, please enjoy the show."