About us/Origins

In March of 2021, amid unprecedented leftist censorship and crushing oppression of the right wing by big tech, a new dissident right wing show was born.  Night Nation Review was born out of a desire to review and discuss some of the high quality and interesting nationalist content being created currently.  Despite the censorship and political persecution, there are more nationalist creators producing some of the best content than ever, and there is just so much to say about it all.

Night Nation Review is an intentionally provocative show, and is committed to brutal honesty over and above how the corrupt and fake modern society expects one to confront and deal with discussing these issues.  The show has absolutely no desire to appeal to everyone, as shows targeted to appeal to every potential audiance are bland and insincere.  We expect people watching and commenting to be mature adults who can handle controversial information and opinions, and that if they are offended, to simply click the back button and not return.  For someone not to understand this and to instead be outraged at their own offense, and attempt to rally a outrage mob in response to their hurt feelings only verifies that such a person is no who the show is intended for.  This show exists to oppose such people and behaviors.